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Building Envelope Engineers in McLean, VA

From the new construction, building envelope engineers design to specifying CAPEX maintenance & restoration, CSG is committed to presenting its clients with a set of alternative approaches, with varying price points, from which to choose. We provide a wide range of engineering and construction management services for institutional, corporate, development, management, professional, and family office clients. Although our projects vary widely in size and complexity, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific goals.

Building Envelope Engineers in McLean, VA

Moisture Protection

CSG designs waterproofing systems for new construction projects and performs forensic evaluations to specify the repair/replacement of existing systems.

Restoration & Preservation

CSG advises clients on what, where, and how to invest in maintaining the structural integrity of their buildings and extending their useful life.

Building Conditon Surveys

Whether for valuation or capital budgeting, CSG provides assessments of structural and envelope condition, identifying necessary immediate/impending repairs, providing recommendations for prioritization & timeframe, and budgetary cost estimates.

Construction Management

CSG provides clients with sophisticated construction expertise to implement their design solutions with the competence of successful professionals and negotiate with Contractors on the same technical footing.

Litigation Support

CSG assists real estate professionals and their legal teams with expert technical advice and testimony in construction litigation matters.

Remedial Engineering Services

As building envelope engineers in McLean, VA, CSG is typically called upon to address capital maintenance requirements or moisture intrusion issues. We usually perform more than 100 such projects per year and have executed this volume of work for more than 30 years. We are involved in designing repairs to constructed elements and features that are exposed to natural forces (wind, water, UV radiation, and temperature extremes) or kinetic forces (vehicle strikes). The elements and features we address most frequently include:

  • Roofing Systems & Features
  • Façades & Curtainwalls
  • Foundations
  • Balconies
  • Parking Structures
  • Loading Docks
  • Plaza Decks
  • Doors, Windows, & Skylights
  • Water Features (Ponds, Pools, & Fountains)
  • Retaining Walls

Remedial Repairs in McLean, VA


Phase I - Pre-Design Survey & Investigation

We conduct a site survey tailored to gather the data necessary to draw appropriate conclusions regarding existing conditions and to design a cost-effective solution. As a first step, we review any available building drawings and repair records. During the on-site portion of the investigation, necessary measurements and testing are conducted and documented. The process is memorialized in a report documented with photographs. The investigation report contains repair recommendations and alternatives, as well as preliminary budget estimates associated with each alternative.

Phase II - Design (Drawings & Specifications)

As circumstances dictate, we develop a code-compliant design that addresses the root causes of deterioration. We provide a permit-ready design (with a professional engineer's seal) that avoids cost and delay associated with questioning from the permit office. Where necessary, we assist the contractor with permitting issues. Our goal is to provide sufficient detail in the design to generate the lowest overall project cost. In this phase, we develop a comprehensive project budget.

Phase III - Bidding

We prepare comprehensive bid documents that enable us to evaluate pricing in multiple scenarios and compare them to construction schedules. This allows us to make confident and well-documented recommendations for awards. We administer a pre-bid conference at the site to discuss the scope of work, specifications, project logistics, and any special client requirements.

CSG typically conducts the bid opening, tabulates the results, and presents the client with a letter of recommendation for the contractor selection with an explanatory rationale. Typically, this includes meeting with the client to review the results of the bidding and to make the contractor selection.

Building Envelope Consultation in McLean, VA

Phase IV - Preconstruction

In the preconstruction phase, we review and negotiate the contract sum and unit prices with the selected bidder and develop the contract document (typically an AIA contract, augmented with any specific owner requirements). We then coordinate and conduct an on-site preconstruction conference, and subsequently prepare meeting minutes. We also review, negotiate, and approve contractor's Schedule of Values, and review and approve/reject contractor's certificates of insurance, bonds, submittals, and shop drawings.

Phase V - Construction Management & Quality Assurance

We provide oversight throughout the construction phase, acting as the client’s representative on-site. This begins with coordinating the contractor’s construction schedule and phasing of work and reviewing the mobilization plans, general condition requirements, safety considerations, etc.

We then conduct regular on-site inspections to monitor the progress and quality of the work. We prepare and submit field reports, documented with photographs, illustrating adherence of the work to the design and the construction materials’ compliance with specifications. Each site visit is followed by a written inspection report detailing our observations, identification of problems, and any instructions issued to the contractor.

As necessary, we provide on-site field clarifications of design requirements and documentation of any guidance or changes. We review any "hidden" conditions revealed in the course of the construction process. We then review and negotiate, as required, any contractor requests for change orders.

Throughout construction, CSG coordinates and conducts regular progress meetings with the client and the contractor, and prepares and distributes written minutes for each meeting.

The progress of the work is tracked and documented with reference to the contractor’s construction schedule; we note any deficiencies and recommend corrective actions required to maintain or recover the schedule. We coordinate site inspections for material manufacturer’s representatives to ensure that contractor is complying with manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations for the application of the materials, as well as to verify the manufacturer will issue a warranty on the products.

We provide on-site quantity take-off verification of unit price quantities completed by the contractor. We offer regular budget updates of unit price quantities completed to date. We review the contractor’s Applications for Payment and Lien Waivers and make payment recommendations for the client. We give updates and reconciliations on payments recommended to date with each payment application.

After the project, CSG prepares a punch list and performs final inspections. We review all warranty documents, final clean-up, and final application for payment. Lastly, we develop a Project Close-Out Manual, which includes copies of all necessary documents relating to the construction project.

Construction Management in McLean, VA

Waterproofing Design Services

Waterproofing Design Services

CSG provides building envelope engineers for the development (or redevelopment) phase of a real estate asset. We typically perform more than 20 such projects per year and have done so for more than five years. Providing Development Services to Owners, Architects, and General Contractors is a core business of CSG. We assist these clients with design, construction, and post-construction phase services.

Design Phase Services

In the design phase we provide third party review of the building envelope package and supplemental design. We examine the drawings and specifications for issues related to moisture permeability/resistance, construction materials compatibility, constructability, value engineering, suitability for the geographic location, O&M ease, and overall clarity of the design detail. We consult on energy code compliance and 3rd Party standards (e.g. LEED). We also recommend a construction phase testing regime to meet warranty requirements and industry standards.

Roofing systems:

  • Building façade / cladding / curtainwall
  • Foundations systems
  • Balconies and projections
  • Fenestration

Other asset features, including:

  • Plaza decks/terraces
  • Elevated walkways
  • Parking structures
  • Water features (indoor/outdoor)

The scope of our reviews typically address:

  • Waterproofing
  • Vapor barrier integrity
  • System selection and appropriateness
  • Insulation components
  • Building intersections
  • Drainage
  • Flashings
  • Termination details at transitions, penetrations, and perimeters
  • Interface details with adjacent materials
  • Sealant details
  • Constructability
  • Value engineering
Design Blueprints


Construction Phase Services

In the construction phase, we are typically engaged in providing third party observation and QA services. In this role, we generate a detailed written and photographic record of the materials installed and techniques employed during the construction process. This documentation can be particularly helpful when underground or concealed elements of construction come into question, mainly when verification or observation would require destructive examination and re-work.

Site visits are conducted by seasoned engineers who prepare written and photographic records of construction, which are documented according to the location, date, time, and type. This document provides details of the building envelope-related activities, materials, and methods occurring on the Jobsite during various phases of construction. Envelope-related Requests for Information from the construction contractor are similarly documented and incorporated into the record.